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Reliable Trucking, Hauling and Aggregate Services in Whitecourt

At Westar Services 2, we provide a broad range of aggregate & hauling services in Whitecourt and the surrounding areas to contractors and vendors from the commercial and industrial sectors. We maintain one gravel pit in Whitecourt and two gravel pits in the ANC/Big Stone Road area, enabling us to provide an affordable supply of rock, sand, and screened or crushed gravel for any oilfield sites or roads in the area. All our loaders are equipped with a government-certified LoadRite scale system and printers for easy daily tracking of loads. For more information or to request a quote, please call us today.


We specialize in trucking and hauling services in Whitecourt, from mobilizing heavy machinery to log hauling, gravel hauling, general trucking and snow removal/water hauling services. We use safe and advanced equipment such as tandem, tridem axle belly dumps, tridem axle end dumps, tandem axle body jobs with tridem pup trailers, tridem axle logging hayrack trailers and more to complete the job!

Civil Work/Demolition Work

Whether you are planning a site demolition or a concrete recycling project, we can offer civil work solutions tailor-made for you. Our experts are well-trained and can work regardless of weather conditions. We’ll break down the debris and load and haul it from the site.

Equipment Mobilization

We will work closely with you and help you allocate your resources and people to bring out top-notch results. From the best-in-class lowboy services to assessing the costs involved in transportation or getting the supplies to the site, we’ll do it all.

Heavy Equipment

We have a full fleet of heavy equipment for construction and road maintenance projects. From excavators to graders, dozers and a log loader, we have everything that may be essential for any of your projects.

Our Equipment Inventory

140M CAT grader w/riper/snow wing, 16' blade w/Sanvik blades/bits w/Dozer blade

CAT D6M LGP Dozer-6 way blade/winch

CAT 235CLC excavator w/hydraulic breaker/concrete, pulverizer/work bucket or wrist-a-twist

450 Hitachi EX450LC-5 VG excavator w/skeleton bucket and work bucket

Case 420 skid steer-hydraulic quick attach/bucket/pallet, fork/skeleton, bucket/snow, bucket/sweeper

Case TR320 CTL track skid steer-quick attach, bucket/pallet, fork/skeleton, bucket/snow, bucket

Peerless 11 wide tri-axle lowboy (includes a power unit, tandem axle jeep and booster)

966F CAT wheel loader/quick attach, bucket-96'pallet, forks/snow bucket

1121F 7.5yrd case wheel loader w/Loadrite scale and printer

Westank 10,000 gallon water tanker with air valve shutoff/water pump

RM-screen line HS7500M track screener

CEC MSC300 tracked mobile cone crusher plant

4040 link belt log loader with Welco beals grapple

Custom Aggregate Crushing/Screening

We crush and screen all materials ranging from crushed stone to construction and demolition waste. We also supply topsoil and sand, and gravel for any oilfield sites or roads located in Whitecourt or surrounding areas within a radius of 200 km. We have various aggregate inventory available from 3 gravel pits in the Whitecourt, Bigstone Road and ANC Road areas.

Aggregate Pit Locations

Bigstone Pit- Km 50 on Bigstone Road (SML930068-S.E. 1/4 of sec 29 TWP 59 RGE 22 W5M)

Husky Pit-Km 164 on the ANC/Berland Resource Road (SML080018-N.W. 1/4 of sec 27 TWP 59 RGE 24 W5M)

ANC101 Pit- Approx. 7 km from the town of Whitecourt, adjacent to the Alberta Newsprint Mill site-Whitecourt, AB)

Construction Material Supplier in Whitecourt

Material or equipment - we have got you covered for everything you may need.

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